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Indoor Tennis Centre Rules - Protecting the court surfaces

Indoor Tennis Centre Rules - Protecting the court surfaces

Dec. 1, 2017: Shankill Tennis Club
Indoor Tennis Centre Rules
·      Booking will be as at present - 3 days in advance and a maximum of two bookings per player per week.
·      The person who books must be playing.
·      That player must check in with the Supervisor before going to the Centre, collect the money from the other player/s, pay and give the               names of the other player/s to the Supervisor.
·      The same players are not permitted any 2 consecutive court bookings i.e. the same pair (singles) or four (doubles) cannot between them         book consecutive courts using different names.
·      Cancellation must be at least two hours beforehand. Court fees will be payable if notification of cancellation is not given.
       Protecting the court surfaces:
·      Shoes must be changed on entry to the Indoor Courts. 
       As advised by DOE Sports who laid our acrylic surfaces,  the Lawn Tennis Association at Roehampton in London who have the same acrylic surfaces, and  Martyn Evan Sports at Fitzwilliam - who also have the same surfaces. 
  • Players must wear TENNIS SHOES ( not trainers etc) * 
  • Players must either wear WHITE SOLED tennis shoes, or if they are not white they should be "NON-MARKING" - and must state that on the shoe. 
  • Players are advised to buy indoor tennis shoes which will have the correct amount of grip for indoors, or to wear old white soled tennis shoes (eg K Swiss) which have lost a lot of their grip. Too much grip on the soles may cause injury and will also wear very quickly. 
Failure to abide by these rules will unfortunately lead to a period of exclusion from playing inddors.
Martyn Evans Sports and Grandstand in Dun Laoghaire have been briefed on the rules. Martyn Evans Sports offer a 5% discount to STC members and Grandstand have the loyalty scheme with the club. 

*Sports shoes are designed to support and protect the foot in specific ways depending on the sport. For instance, runners are designed for a heel to toe movement and have greater cushioning to observe shock, this is the opposite to tennis shoes which are designed for intense side to side movement and charging forward with less cushioning as it is not deemed as important. 

In addition to wearing the correct shoes for the surface we must also consider how to prevent sand and other grit caught in the soles of shoes beeing transferred into the courts and damage the surfaces. Therefore the following additional rules must also be adhered to: 

- Please do not to wear shoes that have been used on the outdoor courts 
- Please change into indoor shoes when in the Centre, benches have been provided in the porch for this purpose 
- Do not walk on the playing surface in the Centre with outdoor shoes on, if you're visiting briefly or viewing the Centre please enter in stocking feet.

To aid parents spread the cost, the Junior Committee will collect clean appropriate children’s tennis shoes in good condition for re-distribution. New insoles can be bought at a fraction of the cost of shoes if desired.

The indoor centre is a great development for the club but it has brought with it some teething problems we would ask for your patience, understanding and cooperation as we all adjust to and find how best to manage the indoor so that it works for everyone. 
  • No drinks allowed in the centre centre apart from water in the non-spillable containers.
  • Chewing Gum is not permitted.
  •  Players must refrain from throwing/bouncing /banging their rackets on the court or otherwise damaging the courts or any part of the building.
  • Players must take all their rubbish e.g. empty water bottles with them when they leave the Centre.
  • Under 10’s may not play in the centre unless accompanied by an adult.
‚ÄčFailure to abide by these rules will lead to a month’s ban from the indoor centre.  The courts are for the first time showing markings - anyone failing to abide by the rules and thereby damaging the surfaces will be 
·      1 euro per player per hour plus the cost of lights if required.
·      50c for Juniors (under 18’s).
·      10 euro per player per hour for members of the public (which includes lights).

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Martyn Evans Sports

Located at Fitzwilliam Tennis club (Appian Way) Martyn Evans Sports are a very good source of advice and information on tennis shoes for our new Indoor Courts, as well as on rackets etc.  They offer a 5% discount to Shankill members. for more info:   or 016626923